Bucket List - George Roberts

George Roberts 2.jpg

George Roberts is a downtown Detroit resident, committed urbanist, public space lover, and dedicated-but-inexperienced cyclist. George moved back to Detroit from New York City in 2015 to lead redevelopment and activation of parks and public spaces in Detroit for the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund. Prior to returning to Detroit, George lived in SoHo and worked on creating new public spaces in New York and across North America. George grew up in Birmingham and attended Wylie E. Groves High School before heading to the University of Michigan for an undergraduate degree in Urban and Metropolitan Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development. George is also a board member of Federation's NEXTGen, where he chairs the Israel Engagement Committee (he also staffed Teen Mission in 2010!). George is usually outside, typically in the city of Detroit, always carrying a book or paper, and is generally overdressed.