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Bucket List - Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross grew up in West Bloomfield, MI and after pursuing business opportunities in New York and Chicago found himself following his heart/soul back to Metro Detroit. A graduate of West Bloomfield High School, University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and University of Detroit Law School, Matthew is a member of the Illinois and Michigan Bars and is now an associate with his family's legal practice, Ross Law, where he is grateful for the opportunity to spend time with his personal hero: his father. Matthew loves anything that gets him outdoors (which makes you wonder why he moved back to Michigan), with a particular appreciation for soccer, running and yoga, and is proud to have raised money for charities such as Paws for a Cause and Memorial Sloan Kettering. Grateful for the love of family and friends, he is excited to join the Bucket List to have a strong hand in continuing to build community here in Metro Detroit!