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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Well?
The Well is an inclusive Jewish community-building, education and spirituality outreach initiative geared to the needs of young adults in Metro Detroit. Our belief is that Jewish community, ethics, values, and spirituality can and should be directly applicable to our lives, and should drive us to positively impact the world around us.

What is The Well trying to accomplish?
We're here to introduce you to the five best friends you didn't know you didn't have but always wanted. We're here to help you find an awesome group to do Jewish things with. We're here to empower you to create meaningful Jewish experiences that speak to you and your peers. Mostly, we're here to be your partners in building a Jewish community that is inclusive, inspiring, and relevant.

Why Call it The Well?
Our ancestors were a desert people and as such, their communal life centered around the community well. For them, the well was a meeting place, a business center, a singles’ bar, a lifeline, a coffee house, the office water cooler and a place to just plain hang out and schmooze. Sounds like a place worth visiting!

Is The Well a Synagogue?
Nope! There are lots of great synagogues in Metro Detroit and we partner with them regularly! We have a special relationship with Temple Israel, which provides us with in-kind support and fiscal agency, intentionally investing in "disruptive innovation" to the benefit of all in Metro Detroit's Jewish community!

What if I don't believe in God?  
You're not alone (be sure to ask Rabbi Dan about his thoughts on this!). Let's start with: "Do I want to do Jewish stuff with others?" If the answer is yes, you'll fit right in!

Are you LGBTQ friendly? 
Of course.

What if I / my significant other / my parent(s) am/is/are not Jewish?  
We're not big on labels. All that matters to us is that you want to do Jewish! If you want to hang, study, connect spiritually and find meaningful ways to give back with us, we want to do the same with you!

Is The Well Located at a Particular Physical Address?
Nope! We pride ourselves on utilizing diverse third spaces. Know of an awesome location to host an event? Please share!

How Do I Get Involved?
Reach out to Rabbi Dan for a coffee! Come to one of our events! Pitch a Jewish community-building, education and/or spirituality idea and let's make it happen together! Also, sign up to receive our emails!