Community Building


Because we love to caffeinate while getting to know people, we'd love to help plug you in to all the cool things happening in Metro Detroit, and we want to introduce you to the 5 best friends you didn't know you didn't have but always wanted! Click here to drop us a note so we can grab a coffee! 


Monthly features: 


Because highlighting awesome (and eligible!) individuals is a great reminder that there are amazing people living in Metro Detroit, and because it's super exciting to see folks moving back to Detroit after time away, eager to invest in our community!  

36 Under 36 

Because it's important to draw attention to the young leaders in Metro Detroit making a difference in the Jewish and general communities!  


Caring committee

Because community means showing up for each other other in times of joy and celebration, as well as in times of loss, pain, and grief. Here is where you can let us know if you or someone you love would benefit from love and encouragement from their community! Whether it's a recent marriage, birth, illness, or death - we'd love to make sure our community feels supported and cherished through the cycles of life.



Because playing with others is awesome! We've partnered with over 35 organizations in the Metro Detroit area (and others nationally) to create meaningful opportunities for connection, learning and service!