NJP (Nice Jewish Person) Adam Denenberg

Each month, The Well highlights an amazing (and eligible!) individual.
This month, we have a conversation with NJP Adam Denenberg!

TW:  How did you decide to make your adult life in Metro Detroit?

AD:  After growing up in the Detroit suburbs and living in 2 other cities (Chicago & Boulder) I realized that Detroit was the place I wanted to call home. Living in Detroit allows me to be close to my family and friends, which is very important to me. I made the decision to move downtown not only to be closer to work, but also to be a part of something bigger.  I wanted to be involved with the rebirth of the city of Detroit. Detroit offers many opportunities to become involved socially, and is a great place to start a career. I am lucky I have the opportunity to work with my family business, in the historic eastern market district.

TW:  Your days are spent working in the meat resale business. Do you enjoy eating meat when you are not at work?

AD: Yes, I love eating meat. Without a doubt I would call myself a carnivore. Who does't like a good steak?

TW: Word on the street is you're an amazing cook (your reputation precedes you!). What's your signature dish and why?

AD: My one signature dish is homemade pasta and meatballs. I make everything from scratch. When I was young, my grandmother taught me to make this dish along with many others.  I have been using her recipes with a smile for 15 years. 

TW: Rumor has it you are a great golfer – how did you get in to the sport?

AD: I started to play golf when I was young, and quickly realized it was a sport I could continue to play for the rest of my life. I play golf to have fun and hang out with my friends. Tiger Woods may beat me by a stroke or two, but when it comes to never giving up I have him beat, that’s for sure. 

TW: What is on your bucket list of places to travel?

AD: I would love the opportunity to travel to Italy- sipping on all the best wines in the world and tasting all the best pastas.  When I'm there I would love to take cooking classes from all the best chefs. You will have to roll me back on the plane to return to Detroit ;)   

TW: What's your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

AD: My favorite Jewish holiday is Passover because I really enjoy my grandmother's cooking, and the time I get to spend with my family.    

TW: What are your 3 favorite leisure activities and why?

AD: My favorite leisure activities change from season to season. In the summer I would have to say playing golf with friends and family. There is nothing like having a huge BBQ with all my friends (working in the meat market helps) and hanging out on my boat relaxing.  In the winter I enjoy taking trips to Colorado for downhill Skiing.

TW: Who is the coolest Jew?

AD: Hank Greenberg, a true Detroit icon

TW: How about a fun fact?

AD: I grew up the biggest Michigan Wolverine fan you could meet.  I did not miss a single home game for 10 years until I decided to attend MSU.  Once I became a Spartan, things changed.

TW: Finish the sentence: When I go to The Well…

AD: I look forward to meeting new people living in the metro Detroit area!

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