NJP (Nice Jewish Person) Jaime Bean

Each month, The Well highlights an amazing (and eligible!) individual.
This month, we have a conversation with NJP Jaime Bean!


TW: How did you decide to make your adult life in Metro Detroit?

JB: After living outside of Metro-Detroit for a year, I came to really appreciate the tight-knit community that we have here. I think that I used to take it for granted but there is something special about being surrounded by a community where you have ties to everything. Also most of my family, both immediate and extended, is here and they are very important to me so being around them is a priority.

TW: You spend your days working for the Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit -- tell us more!

JB: I am lucky enough to be in charge of recruiting, planning and staffing our Detroit Community Birthright trip (all you 22-26 year olds who haven’t gone on Birthright yet, hit me up). I love being able to work for the community that has given me so much. I benefited from the Federation and various agencies my entire life but never really knew what the Federation was, so I feel very grateful that I get to be a professional at an organization that has given me so much.


TW: What is a hobby that you are really into? How did that passion come about?

JB: I’ve become very into games recently. I think that they are an awesome way to work your brain, be competitive and the best part is that they are social. There is nothing I love more than getting a group of friends together to have a game night. This new found passion came about because I like finding ways to bring different people in my life together and this is the perfect way to get a group of people together to do something fun.

TW: What's your favorite book and what about it moves you?

 JB: I actually have two favorite books: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and The Martian by Andy Weir. I love reading books where you know that the author put a lot of leg work into the book. Both have a lot of research that had to be done beforehand which gives me a greater appreciation of the book outside of simply being a good story.

 TW: Where would you most like to travel to that you haven't visited?

JB: Japan is at the top of my list these days. One of my best friends from college has been living there for the past 3 years and seeing her pictures and hearing about her adventures has made me want to go there. The plus side is that if I go while she is still there I will have a built in tour guide to show me around!


TW: How do you like to give back to the community / others?

JB: I like to look at the most formational experiences I have had and tend to focus my attention on those experiences and how I can help others gain experiences, based on their own interest, that are equally as meaningful. 

TW: What's your favorite Jewish holiday and why? 

JB: My favorite holiday is Shavuot. I spent the last year living in Israel and I found that Shavuot not only had the best food (it is mostly dairy based, so cheese for days) but the ceremonies that all of the kibbutzim and small communities have focus on farming and the harvest, which I really like. This is also a holiday that we don’t really celebrate in the diaspora so it was special experiencing it in Israel.

TW: Fav Jewish food?

JB: I know it can be controversial, but gefilte fish.

 TW: If you could compete in any Olympic sport, what would you choose?

JB: Bobsledding, but I would not want to be in the front or in the back, I’d want to be tucked nicely in the middle.


TW: If you could be a contestant on any reality/game show, what would it be?

JB: Minute to Win It

TW: How about a fun fact?

JB: I once watched a movie at Emagine Theatre in Royal Oak with Redfoo and his posse. He is the lead singer from LMFAO.

 TW: What would you put on your "Family Crest" if you were asked to design one?

 JB: A bean, of course

TW: Finish the sentence: When I go to The Well...

JB: I look forward to meeting other young adults from the area that I might not have met otherwise!

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