WELLcome Home, Lauren Zeid!

We're excited to launch our new monthly feature, highlighting someone awesome who has recently moved back to Metro Detroit after adventures away!

This month, we're excited to (re)introduce you to traveler, outdoorswoman, and veterinarian Lauren Zeid!

TW: WELLcome home! You recently returned to Metro Detroit after spending some years away. What brought you back?

LZ: I have lived away from Detroit for about 14 years now for both school and work. While I have had some awesome adventures and lived many places, there was always a part of me that missed being "home."  After spending the last five (wonderful) years in Colorado, I knew it was that time in my life to move back to Michigan and be closer to my family. It has been incredible to reconnect with old friends, to make new friends, and to see how much metro Detroit has changed over the last 15 years!

TW: Where did life take you before you returned to the area?

LZ: I went to U of M for undergrad, then lived in Chicago for a year as a nanny before going to veterinary school at Michigan State. I matched for my rotating internship in Colorado in 2012, which was the start of my latest adventure. After falling in love with the mountains and the sunshine, I practiced as an associate veterinarian for 4 years in Denver after my year-long internship. I've always had a huge travel bug, so once I decided to move home I took a few months off of work to travel between jobs. I spent some time in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Costa Rica before beginning to build my career here in Michigan.

TW: Where would you most like to travel to that you haven't visited?

LZ: I recently checked Africa off my bucket list, although there is still so much left of that continent I want to explore! I think my next big trip will be to Mediterranean Europe -- Spain, southern France, Greece, and Croatia are very high on my list!

TW: How do you like to give back to the community / others?

LZ: I have always found that giving back to the community is important. I try to volunteer both time and money when possible, such as volunteering at a halfway house for women and children, donating my time to animal shelters, and helping family and friends.

TW: What's your favorite Jewish holiday and why? 

LZ: I love Rosh Hashanah -- a chance for new beginnings and fresh starts, to spend time with family, and a sweet new year! And who can complain about apples and honey?

TW: Fav Jewish food?

LZ: My mom makes a mean brisket!

TW: What is your ideal Saturday?

LZ: I love to stay active whenever possible. I try to start my mornings with a work out, then spend some time outside. My activities have changed since moving back from Colorado from hiking and skiing to being out on the water!

TW: How about a fun fact?

LZ: I have been to 6 out of 7 continents. 

TW: Best movie ever made, hands down?

LZ: RENT is my favorite Broadway play, so naturally the RENT movie is on my most watched list.

TW: Finish the sentence: When I go to The Well...

I love meeting new people and being part of the Jewish community. There is something so special about building up Detroit, and it has been great forming relationships with other young professionals with similar interests and backgrounds in the area.

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