WELLcome Home, Jordan Foon

We're excited to continue our monthly feature highlighting someone awesome who has recently moved back to Metro Detroit after adventures away!

This month, we'd like to (re)introduce you to Jordan Foon!

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TW: You recently returned to the Metro Detroit area after spending some time away. What brought you back?

JF: I was most recently living in Chicago pursuing a new job and enjoying a different city. After living in Michigan all of my life, I wanted a change of scenery and I felt that Chicago was the right place to be. I’ve been in the mortgage industry since graduating college and a new opportunity became available back in Metro Detroit that I felt would provide a good learning experience and further excel my career. It was sad to leave Chicago as I was having such a great time there, but given the circumstances of this new position, I decided to move back home. It’s important for me to stay close to my immediate family so now that I'm home, I’m able to hang out with them more. My sister has a two year old daughter and recently had a new baby so being able to spend time with my nieces has been really special. 

TW: Where did life take you before you returned home?

JF: While living in Chicago, I was able to travel to Israel via Birthright, which was truly life changing. I met so many interesting people from all different walks of life and after the trip, I definitely felt more connected to my Judaism. Israel is the farthest from the US I've been and ever since I've had the travel bug -- I can't wait to go on more adventures!

TW: What is your ideal Saturday?

JF: My ideal Saturday would consist of playing basketball in the morning followed by working out, and then hanging either in Detroit or Royal Oak with some friends at bars/restaurants in the area.

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TW: What Metro Detroit restaurant did you miss while living away?

JF: Vinsetta Garage in Royal Oak. This place is always good and has one of the best mac and cheese dishes ever. Also, if you like beer and unique cocktail drinks, it's the place to be. The layout of the restaurant is cool as it resembles an old auto shop garage.

TW: What is your favorite game?

JF: Poker. Since I was a teenager I was always playing poker with my closest friends, and as a result, I also developed an interest in playing other challenging card games like euchre, bridge, hearts, and gin.  

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TW: What's one food you can never bring yourself to eat?

JF: Anchovies. The texture and look of anchovies are both turn offs.

TW: What was your AIM screen name and how did you choose it?

JF: Hoopshooter. I've always loved basketball and with my jump shot I felt it was appropriate.

TW: What is your most frequently used emoji?

JF: The winking face ;]

TW: Finish the sentence: When I go to The Well...

JF: I look forwarding to meeting new people and building new relationships within the community!

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