WELLcome Home, Ryan Israel!

We're excited to continue our monthly feature highlighting someone awesome who has recently moved back to Metro Detroit after adventures away!

This month, we'd like to (re)introduce you to Ryan Israel!

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TW: You recently returned to Metro Detroit after spending some time away. What brought you back?

RI: I grew up in in the suburbs of Detroit. I went to the University of Michigan for undergrad and Michigan State University for law school and then moved to Florida! I returned to Detroit because I wanted to live near my family... and apparently I missed cold winters. Also, there was a growing need for immigration attorneys to help represent people in the Metro Detroit area. After defending immigrants in south Florida, I knew it was time for me to come to Michigan and to open my own firm, Ryan Israel Immigration Law, PLLC (ryanisraelimmigrationlaw@gmail.com). I handle all immigration related matters and I take pride in fighting to keep families together. I take great efforts to fight for immigrants to remain in the United States and to defend their rights. I speak fluent Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese, and this has been invaluable in helping immigrants to receive the best representation possible.

TW: Where did life take you before you returned home?

RI: I lived in Florida for about two and a half years. I met lots of great people and I enjoyed living there. There is a great young Jewish community there, and I made friends from all over the world!

TW: What is your ideal Saturday?

RI: My ideal Saturday is hiking, skiing, golfing, or being with friends and family. I really like going on Shabbatons whenever I get the chance.

TW: What’s your favorite fall activity / what’s your favorite local cider mill?

RI: My favorite fall activity is apple picking. My favorite cider mill has not been determined yet...

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TW: What restaurant/bar/Detroit activity did you miss most while living away?

RI: I missed Zoe's because their red velvet, chunky monkey, and cinnabon pancakes are amazing. 

TW: What's one food you could never bring yourself to eat?

RI: I could never eat tuna fish! I just don’t like it — I don’t know why. I think it’s the smell… it’s so gross how it’s all mushed together and doesn’t look like fish at all!

TW: As a kid, what did you want to be when you "grew up?"

RI: As a child I wanted to become a marine biologist. I always loved animals and I wanted to study and help save them.

TW: What was your favorite birthday party as a kid?

RI: My favorite birthday party when I was a child was when I got to spend the summer with my grandparents in London my Bar Mitzvah year. 

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TW: Who are 3 people would you love to invite to your Shabbat dinner table, dead or alive?

RI: I would love to invite both of my deceased grandparents, Ronald Israel and Robert Weinbaum, and also Alexander the Great. 

TW: What do you look for in your Jewish community?

RI: I look for long lasting friendships and a vibrant social atmosphere. I like when there are lots or venues for young Jews to connect with each other and to be involved in social activities together.

TW: Finish the sentence: When I go to The Well...

RI: I jump in and swim!

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